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Keith Hudson - Entering The Dragon - Vinyl LP

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Format: LP

This 1974 release by Keith Hudson is something of a lost gem - with his gravelly vocal style gaining more and more prominence in recent years.Housed in some sunshine cover art, 'Entering The Dragon' with the man Keith bringing an abrasive edge to the proceedings that probably sounded quite startling in its day, now acts as a sign-post to the dancehall/hip-hop evolutions that were to come.
With particular highlights including 'Will You Come Out Tonight',
'It Was When Friends Started to Talk About You' and 'Rage Of Love', Keith Hudson's classic is available for everyone to enjoy on 180 gram vinyl.


Side 1
1. Entering The Dragon
2. Man From Shooters Hill
3. Will You Come Out Tonight?
4. (No Way) Now That You Are Leaving
5. Rage Of Love
6. Too Possessive And You Know It Baby

Side 2
1. War War
2. Like You Going To A Fair
3. You're Still A Little Girl
4. It Was When Friends Started To Talk About You
5.I Don't Know You
6. Oh No, Not My Baby
7. Words So True

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